Bega District Letters to the Editor, May 1

ON THE MARCH: Members of the 7th Light Horse Bemboka troop carry the flags at their home town's Anzac Day service on Wednesday. Picture: Rachel Helmreich
ON THE MARCH: Members of the 7th Light Horse Bemboka troop carry the flags at their home town's Anzac Day service on Wednesday. Picture: Rachel Helmreich

Wasting council’s time

A Greens member of the Bega Shire Council announced on radio recently they were going to raise concerns about the live export of sheep at the next council meeting.

Unless the council has recently added a sheep station to its investment portfolio of hotels, this is not a concern of the council.

Time spent on mulling over the rights or wrongs of the live export trade by this local council is simply time wasted as it can do nothing about it. The council has enough on its plate already without the distraction of opportunistic grand-standers.

If this person wants to demonstrate about, or discuss this matter, it should be done in the councillors’ own time, not in the time allocated to attend to council affairs. The federal or state Greens are the ones the councillor should be lobbying, not wasting council time.

If this Green person is allowed to get away with this, we can look forward to Labor supporters on the council demanding free beer for the Wharfies, The Liberal supporters entertaining the crew with calls for the minimum wage to be abandoned completely to encourage more jobs, and the National supporters bleating for the re-introduction of feudalism.

John Fuary, Wallagoot

Live it before you preach it

I am 70 and can’t remember ever experiencing anyone on drugs in my younger years . American soldiers on RR from Vietnam introduced the drug culture. I know because I used to drive them round to gambling clubs in KX in an old red double decker bus in the 60s and 70s

I am sick to death of those including the Greens that push to have marijuana legalised aside for medical purposes. Every time you read a newspaper someone who has obviously not experienced its effects “personally” is preaching its benefits.

I have lived and worked in the worst areas of Sydney and witnessed firsthand the damage marijuana causes. I have also have friends addicted to it. I don’t care whatever the so called experts say, marijuana is a precursor to using more potent drugs. Most ‘ice’ users started on it.

When I moved here I thought I would be getting away from drugs but that certainly hasn’t happened. I see kids as young as 14 walking around like zombies, not attending school and getting pretty aggressive if they can’t get their next hit. These kids are going to end up as the lost generation. Some streets in this shire have households using drugs and the children are the ones who have to go unsupervised, hungry and witness violence on a daily basis.

To those who are pushing the pro marijuana barrow I have one question. Would you be pro marijuana if your child or grandchild was using it?

Frank Pearce, Bega 

Exercise your mood

Research led by the Black Dog Institute has revealed that even a small amount of physical activity – as little as one hour each week – can protect against depression, regardless of age, gender or current fitness level.

Depression is a serious public health issue with around one million Australians currently diagnosed. We also know that up to 20 percent of the Australian population doesn’t undertake any regular physical activity, which may significantly increase their risk of developing depression in their lifetime.

The Black Dog Institute’s Exercise Your Mood campaign (April 30 – May 6) aims to change these statistics by encouraging everyday Australians to improve their mental fitness by taking on at least one hour of exercise each week. 

Though it can be hard to take the first step, one hour is a very achievable goal and something we’d like to encourage your readers to build into their weekly routine. If they are already on track, keep up the good work! Your mental health will thank you for it.

Professor Helen Christensen, director of the Black Dog Institute