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Wednesday, 29 November 2023


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Friday, 24 November 2023

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Car Expert
The Senior
Thousands have heard Reg's stories about Kokoda Track. He has some simple advice to young people.
Staff Reporter
Discover the processes that spark genius in this engrossing film.
Staff Reporter
Daniel Johns and David Helfgott in a still from the film. Picture supplied
Ghana migrant Ebenezer Banful prides himself on connecting cultures.
Rowan Cowley
ACT Senior Australian of the Year Ebenezer Banful. Picture by Salty Dingo
The Land
Georgia Campbell, Awb Cargill • 26m ago
Rain rallies lamb prices
Simon Chamberlain • 2hrs ago
Steve and James Faulder, The Ranch, Mullion, sold Merino/White Suffolk store lambs, August/September drop, Glenfinnan blood for $55 a head. Picture by Helen DeCosta