Discipline a grand final tipping point for Group

Premiers: The Bega Roosters reserve grade celebrate a 42-12 grand final win over the Panthers. picture: Joccoaa Rogers.
Premiers: The Bega Roosters reserve grade celebrate a 42-12 grand final win over the Panthers. picture: Joccoaa Rogers.

Discipline was a major factor above commitment or desire in the Group 16 rugby league grand finals on Sunday. 

Surprisingly, all four grades on Sunday featured one or more players being sin-binned or sent from the field entirely for their on-field antics. 

Results tipped on some misplaced aggression, back-talk at referees or was swayed to advantage by those who kept their composure and form. 

Grand final results were High Heelers defeating Moruya Sharkettes 10-6 in ‘continuous golden point’ extra-time. 

The Bulldogs defeated the Bay Tigers 22-18.

The Berga Roosters upstaged the Candelo-Bemboka Panthers 42-12 and the Cooma Stallions came home too strong for the Bombala Blue Heelers 38-18. 

Both the Moruya Sharkettes and Bay Tigers were hampered in their efforts by some moments of poor discipline in the opening two rounds that contributed to them dropping the result. 

The Sharkettes were pulled up on back-chatting the referee a couple of times, but it was losing composure through desperation that really cost them. 

A try-saving shoulder charge with 10-seconds left on the clock gave the Bombala High Heelers a way back in after trailing 6-4 late into the second half. 

Both Bombala and Moruya had a sole player sin-binned. 

However, the Moruya centre was subsequently sent from another shoulder charge penalty. 

In the under 18s, it was brawling that cost the Bay Tigers. 

The Merimbula-Pambula Bulldogs clung to a four-point lead late in the piece to win 22-18. 

With about 15 minutes to play, the Tigers trailed by just four points and were looking dangerous with the ball. 

However, tempers passed breaking point and two on-field brawls erupted with a player from both sides binned for striking. 

However, the Tigers half-back was sent for his actions, leaving the Bay outfit with no halves combination to set up play.

In reserves, there is never any love lost between the Panthers and the Roosters so it was expected to see some heated exchanges on the park. 

But it was Brock Ringland getting the bin and ultimately leaving his team a man down for part of the second half.

In first grade, Cooma and Bombala both showed metered aggression and were solid at staying composed through some bone-crunching hits. 

However, the Stallions’ winger was binned for a late hit on the Bombala half-back and ensuing melee that could have proved costly as the Blue Heelers mounted a quick two-try fight back. 

The Stallions proved too strong and classy to hold out for a good win.