Bega District Letters to the Editor, July 17

Silence is deafening

The community have clearly shown they oppose the Frogs Hollow Flying School development with more than 460 submissions to council opposing it, more than 2600 signatures on petitions against it and thousands of dollars donated towards the fighting fund against it.  

The elected councillors listened to the community and voted unanimously to reject the development.  Council made representation to the state Joint Regional Planning Panel requesting they reject the development.  The community opinion is quite unanimous, we oppose this development.  

Our federal representative Mike Kelly opposes the development. Leanne Atkinson the Labor state candidate for the March state election has come out against the proposal. Labor is actually listening to the community.

Meanwhile, despite public and private meetings, emails and letters from across the community, the silence from Andrew Constance is deafening on this significant local issue. As the state government representative of the people of the Bega Valley, Mr Constance needs to publicly state his position given this is a major local issue.

The people of the Bega Valley do not care if the trains run on time in Sydney. We do however care if our lives are destroyed by a noisy unsustainable airport development in Frogs Hollow and we are the ones who will vote Constance in or out, not Sydney commuters. 

Steve Jackson, Bega

Now a state election issue

Anyone living in the Bega Valley Shire would be aware of the proposal for a large scale flying school at Frogs Hollow. The development application was submitted to the Bega Valley Shire Council last year. 

The developer has since resubmitted an amended application to council which reveals that, should it go ahead, the flying school will destroy forever the tranquility and amenity of the Bega Valley and beyond. The developer has shown scant regard for concerns about noise and environmental damage raised in submissions, and dismissed them as “irrelevant”.

As the decision on the development is a matter for a state government planning committee, concerned residents have met with the local state member Andrew Constance, and Labor’s candidate, Leanne Atkinson. This is now a state election issue. Ms Atkinson has stated her opposition to the development. Which leaves me to ask Mr Constance, where do you stand on the proposal for a flying school at Frogs Hollow? Your continued silence on this issue is deafening.

Amanda Richmond, Bega

Shame on councillors

The Bega council can afford to send the mayor, general manager and three councillors on a fun jaunt to Canberra and many other conferences, can find plenty of extra funding for the arts, can throw away our money on propping up failed council business ventures, but cannot find a lousy $10,000 a year to maintain an existing toilet block to protect the most vulnerable in our community.

The disabled, the very young and the very elderly are to be forced into a very confronting situation at Bermagui by a very questionable decision of some councillors – against the recommendation of the staff.

Shame on those councillors who voted to demolish the heavily used hill toilet block at Bermagui and ensure the huge fishing community have to share a much smaller amenity at our so called tranquil disability friendly beach at Bruce Steer Pool. Thank you to councillors Fitzpatrick, McBain and Allen who cared about our little ones and tried to protect them.

We urgently need a rescission motion to give us a chance to at least address council on the issue to make them understand the ramifications on their actions. Where are your priorities? Certainly not in protecting the most vulnerable in the Bega Valley! 

Janette Neilson, Bermagui

The "Bega Valley Cathies" do their best Kate Bush impressions for the weekend's Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever, a worldwide campaign decrying violence against women.

The "Bega Valley Cathies" do their best Kate Bush impressions for the weekend's Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever, a worldwide campaign decrying violence against women.