Bega District Letters to the Editor, April 10

There was a great sense of friendship and acceptance at the refugee event on Saturday, which included a traditional Indigenous smoking ceremony.
There was a great sense of friendship and acceptance at the refugee event on Saturday, which included a traditional Indigenous smoking ceremony.

Ever thankful

We can’t thank the firies and all volunteers who fought and saved most of our Tathra town. Having moved to this beautiful paradise six years ago and been through Black Saturday, and Ash Wednesday in Melbourne, never in a million years would anyone know what was to eventuate on that day.

We can be very thankful that there were no deaths. We were so lucky not to have lost our house in any of these horrific fires. This Tathra town is an amazing community. The support is amazing and the people are amazing.

Small steps and our town will be stronger than ever. A huge thank you to all.

Gaye Preen, Tathra

Thanks to firies

I am a resident of Tathra and my home in the Lions Village was saved, but three units have been lost.

Thanks to the firies the rest of us are safe.

I want to thank all the firefighters for saving so many and getting everyone out with no injuries. I think they did a wonderful job and I’m very upset of the criticism from some quarters. Thank you all.

Eunice Bradford, Tathra

Memories of Tathra

Oh no, not lovely Tathra devastated by bushfires!

Lovely memories of people, friendships, views, bowls, fishing on the wharf and Bega river, forest drives, area committee, walking trail to the river, cliff top memorial garden/walk, doctors, beach...and much more.

That was over the years 1991-1999, a privilege we thank you for Tathra.

We won't forget, and now we extend our heartfelt sorrow at your devastation, and our personal warmest greetings to all.

Ken and Margaret Dyer

Spiritual healing

You have experienced the fire in the natural. You are about to experience the fire of God in the spiritual.

This will come about like wave after wave of the Holy Spirit flowing over the land, like waves coming upon the seashore of Tathra Beach.

Where my people dwell in unity, there the Lord commands a blessing. You are showing unity and the blessing will come.

Gordon Ling, Bega

Tragedy of Easter

Your religious correspondent, Roger Jones, says Easter is the greatest event in the history of the world. (BDN, 30/3)

I’d suggest it’s possibly the most tragic event in the history of the world.

As a result of that initial, primitive belief in a human resurrection, Christians went on to eliminate scientific thinking from the western world for 1000 years, materially depriving thousands of millions.

They also sanctioned, and participated in, the torture and killing of tens of millions of so-called pagans, Christian dissidents, African and American natives, Jews, Moslems and witches.

In addition, Christians have grossly mistreated millions of women, children and homosexuals.

Within their own congregations, the lives of hundreds of millions of Christians have been blighted by feelings of shame and guilt about the fairy tale of original sin.

Hundreds of millions more have passively accepted a life of poverty and injustice because of the cruel and false hope of a better life to come.

And the intolerance of Christians has often exacerbated the prevalence and severity of war, resulting in the suffering and death of tens of millions more.

And all the while, not a scintilla of evidence exists that any believer in Jesus has ever achieved eternal life (the selfish goal of Christian belief). Zero. None.  

That’s some “greatest” event. Where do I sign up?

Paul Strutynski, Buckajo