Bega District Letters to the Editor, March 23

Brave, selfless

Thank you to all RFS people who responded to the Tathra fire. Brave, selfless people.

Pat Campbell, Tathra

Town will recover

My wife and I have been greatly concerned by the news of the devastation fires have wrought on Tathra. We stayed a week in this lovely town at the Beachside caravan park in August 2013 and had a wonderful time. On our third or fourth trip to the fish and chip shop, we were asked when we were going to move in. And in the mornings, we'd have a coffee and listen to a young butcher bird having a crack at singing. while atop a light pole. 

Friendly people, beautiful beach, lovely walks to the historic wharf. The town will recover but I hope help, prayers and the community spirit I've heard about will carry it through. Indeed, I'm sure they will.

Roger Morris, Burnie, Tasmania

Deeply saddened

To the people of Tathra, you welcomed me unconditionally a few years ago when I was away from home for work. I lived for 16 months on Andy Poole Drive and developed a few good friendships while I was there. I came back 12 months later for a few months and it was like I never left.

Now I hear of your losses and am deeply saddened. A strong community is about its people and you have a really strong community. I hope you can all get through this together, embrace each other and support your friends and family to rebuild together. Take care of yourselves as best you can.

Jamie Buck, Goulburn

Heartfelt thoughts

As former residents of Pambula Beach we are saddened to see the tragic devastation to your dear little town. We were involved in surf lifesaving, football, soccer, music and our work in health.

There are many families we knew, we are aware some of you have be savaged by the fire. Our heartfelt thoughts go out to all of the Tathra residents and businesses at this difficult time. You have a very strong community ethic which will help to get you on track and reestablish your community.

Les and Penny Arnold, Tuncurry


Having spent time in the lovely coastal village of Tathra I am appalled at the recent devastation. I fail to understand in Bega and other country districts why Greens are elected to local authorities.

Ken Vote, Orange

Power shift

With so many fires being started by overhead power lines, surely it is time to put them underground? A few years ago a bushfire came onto Potoroo Palace on three sides. It started at Millingandi from power lines falling. We will achieve nothing if we keep treating symptoms (so called hazard reduction burning) without dealing with the frequent cause (overhead power lines).

Putting ugly power lines underground would benefit everybody and help to avoid misery and suffering and, in the long run, would save a lot of money.

Alexandra Seddon, Potoroo Palace

Offer of a roof

Perhaps holiday accommodation in Tathra can be offered to locals left homeless, and funded by Community Services or from donations for fire victims.

Judy Geary, Bega

Fire anger

If was resident affected by the fires at Tathra I would be very angry at being told that I could not return to check my home and then see many TV reporters on site in dangerous situations not wearing all of the appropriate (in some cases none) safety gear. Surely this would be a WH&S problem for their employers. Maybe Workcover should investigate this.

Kevin W Thrupp, Woodstock NSW

'It looks like Armageddon'. Just one of many jaw-dropping images from Sunday's bushfire, this one by SeaSpray Images.

'It looks like Armageddon'. Just one of many jaw-dropping images from Sunday's bushfire, this one by SeaSpray Images.