Your photos of fire-ravaged Tathra

The fire broke out in Tarraganda early on Sunday afternoon, before crossing the Bega River.

Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said the seemingly random nature of the fire was the result of embers raining down on gardens, homes and even the sand dunes.

"The wind is like a blowtorch effect to wherever that ember lands in, and it ignites very quickly and fire spreads very rapidly," he told ABC Radio Sydney.

"When it's in and around buildings and people's homes, the devastation and destruction is obvious, and it's awful."



Will Fo shared this video of helicopters refuelling “out in the backyard in Kalaru” on Monday,

Video: Will Fo

These videos from  Melissa Pouliot set the scene from Sunday.

Video: Melissa Pouliot
Video: Melissa Pouliot