Bega District Letters to the Editor, September 14

Clara Rogers of Black Range recently had a spotlight installed so she could enjoy this majestic gum tree at night.

Clara Rogers of Black Range recently had a spotlight installed so she could enjoy this majestic gum tree at night.

Theft upsetting

Volunteers from the Friends of Glebe Wetlands attending our most recent working bee were dismayed to find that 35 plants have been stolen from the recent plantings at the Glebe Lagoon.

They had been planted by volunteers including children who participate in the regular monthly working bees at the site.

The plants, which were all tube-stock of mainly Lomandra longifolia, mat rush, as well as several flowering shrubs, have been dug out and removed (with soil) from the areas on the southern side of the Glebe Lagoon where they were planted by volunteers at the working bees in July and August. 

Most of the 35 plants stolen were taken from the edge of the planting adjoining the grassed area where the Lomandras had been planted to form a border.

The loss of the plants is a blow to the current Habitat Enhancement Project which is funded by a community environment grant of $3600 from the Bega Valley Shire Council. 

As coordinator of the Friends of Glebe Wetlands, I am both disappointed and dismayed that someone in our local area would steal from the community in this way. Stealing the plants is a selfish act that does not belong in the kind of community we are here in Bega – we are better than this.

Volunteers contribute their time and energy to improve the local environment through their considerable efforts at working bees. Their good work should be valued and respected by all in our community. 

Hugh Pitty, coordinator, Friends of Glebe Wetlands

Vitriol plain sad

Desmond Bellamy’s vitriolic letter (BDN, 4/9) would be incendiary if it weren’t just plain sad.

Does he not realise that farmers in drought-stricken areas are dying – from heart attacks, strokes and suicide – because of the drought affecting their livelihoods and harsh banks foreclosing on their properties into which they have put  their harts and souls?

Desmond is obviously a vegan – that is his choice and good luck to him.

But does he also walk naked and barefooted around his backyard behind his handcrafted shelter, where he creates his own fuel for warmth and cooking, grows all his own food for sustenance and fibre crops such as cotton and flax for his clothes and bedding, which he obviously spins, weaves and sews himself?

Or does he hypocritically depend on farmers for his fruit and vegetables, nuts and grains, and the fleece from sheep and alpacas and leather from animal hides for his warm clothing and shoes?

It would be interesting to know where Desmond lives and from whence he derives his income. Perhaps he would be better off living in a country which did not “ride to glory on the sheep’s back”.

Elvie Preo, Bega

Bureaucracy gone mad?

Recently I applied to council to remove some trees along Summerhill Road which encroach on my boundary fence adjoining Summerhill Road. The trees concerned are on council land, ie ratepayers’ land.

The idea was to remove the trees at my expense, use some of the trees for fence posts and the balance of the timber for firewood. 

The idea seemed fairly simple or so I thought, not wasting ratepayers money on the removal of these trees and being able to repair and renew my fence.

When I put this proposal to council staff, I was informed I would have to lodge a “Section 138 certificate application” and pay a fee of $257.

At first I thought this was  a bit of a joke. The trees are not on my property, but council property.

Some of the trees are growing into the wire on my fence. I reckon this is bureaucracy gone absolutely mad and needs some serious attention.

What do councillors think of this? Is this how our council is prepared to have its ratepayers treated?

Allan George, South Pambula

Thanks from Legacy

Far South Coast Legacy would like to thank all the people who so generously gave their time to sell badges during our annual fundraiser. Also we would like to thank the committees of Merimbula, Pambula, Eden and Tura Beach who gave so generously. We raised $5676 and this money will be used in helping our local war veteran widows. Thank you all very much.

Far South Coast Legacy