Bega District Letters to the Editor, August 17

BVSC Town Team has been busy sprucing up furniture in Bega's Carp St with new ironbark, kiln dried timber slats supplied by North Eden Timber.
BVSC Town Team has been busy sprucing up furniture in Bega's Carp St with new ironbark, kiln dried timber slats supplied by North Eden Timber.

Valued experience

Recently my daughter was lucky enough to spend 2 weeks in Japan with 18 other BHS students and three teachers. I would like to thank Mr Benzies, Mrs Teranishi and Fah for making this possible.

The students experienced time with home-stay families, a camp with Japanese children and many cultural experiences. I know I speak for every other parent and student when I say thank you for all your hard work to make this possible. Well done BHS in providing memories that will last a lifetime. 

Mel Dougherty, Bega

Threat to lifestyle

The proposed flight school at Frogs Hollow is a threat to our quiet, rural lifestyle, and if allowed to go ahead will completely change the character of this region forever.

The Bega Valley has remained relatively untouched by the urbanisation of farmland that we see further north, and south in Victoria, and for this reason is unique. Bega Cheese has built a wonderful reputation for the area both nationally and internationally, and we are well-placed to take advantage of this in the coming years as issues like food security, food origins and growing conditions come to the fore.

This is a money-making venture for a privileged few, to the detriment of this region. They have shown no thought or care as to how this will affect our community, the dairy industry and other rural businesses that sustain the area.

Everyone has a final chance to stop the madness that is the proposed flight school at Frogs Hollow; by attending the SJRPP meeting on August 29 in the Civic Centre at 12pm. Your attendance will show the panel that the community is overwhelmingly opposed to this development

Ancret Shipton, Kanoona

Strengthen stewardship

All of NSW is in drought. Of course, we the people and the government must provide support to the farmers living under such extreme and chronic stress. Can we afford to give away natural gas and water to multinational profit giants as well? 

Last week it was announced that August 1, 2018, was Earth Overshoot Day, the day we used up the year’s calculated available natural resources – like running out of fuel and food a few days before payday. Then one must borrow from anywhere to make ends meet or take stuff to get by.  Which is what is happening – global debt and artful dodging.

To support farmers, we could be using expert advice, collecting carbon free energy and providing investment certainty with sustainably managing our forests, farms, lakes and seas. Instead, it seems to me our governments are giving away water and fossil fuels and promoting consumption certainty as the best type of productivity and growth. Can we afford to keep doing this?

What can the residents of this beautiful Bega Valley do to strengthen our stewardship of these natural resources? Which candidates in the upcoming elections will take a stand on stewardship rather than short term profiteering and vote buying we often see.

Sally-Anne Brown, Bega


I attended the hospital when I had an accident on Friday the 13th. Those who scorn the 13th are out of this league because I believe in Black Friday.

Anyway, about the ambos, they were terrific. They did a marvelous job on my left tibia, got the pain under control very quickly and bandaged up as quick as possible.

The hospital was also terrific and they looked after me as if I was in a motel.

Hats off to the South East Regional Hospital, they did a marvelous job on me as too the doctor who had to operate on me as soon as I arrived.

Thank you to the nurses and all the staff who helped from whoa to go – I thank you all for your hospitality.

Mick Ahkin, Bega