Bega High plans eye-opening trip to South East Asia

This year marks the tenth time Bega High School has run an overseas trip to Cambodia and Vietnam.

Over the years, students have raised a total of $170,000 to sponsor different organisations in the countries. 

One of the eight students making the trip this year, Molly Carr of Year 10, said it was going to be an eye-opener. She and classmate Brydie Condran thought it would teach them how to be more grateful about their own situations.  

“I think we do take things for granted, but that’s how we’ve been raised, we think it’s normal,” Brydie said. 

They thought there were lessons to be learnt from experiencing other cultures.

“It makes you look at your own culture and how you can make your culture better,” Year 10’s Stephanie Burke said. 

Three now-Year 12 students who valued the experience when they visited the countries two years ago were India McCoy, Daisy Boyle and Abbey Ellison.

“It really was a good experience to go travelling with friends rather than with your family, so you are a bit more independent," Abbey said. 

Daisy said the group had done so many activities on their trip.

“We saw how different our lifestyles were,” she said. 

“People are all really happy over there and they are very resilient.

“I just feel you develop more as an individual from that experience.”

Bega High teacher Denise Perry said one of the purposes of the trip was to encourage students to become active global citizens.

“If they understand different cultures, then there’s no need to fear them,” she said. 

The students leave at the end of September.