Bega district Letters to the Editor, January 12

YOUNG FUN: Jane, Caleb and Grace Chapman from Western Sydney settle in to read their free books from the Bega Rotary book fair in the kid's corner on Friday.
YOUNG FUN: Jane, Caleb and Grace Chapman from Western Sydney settle in to read their free books from the Bega Rotary book fair in the kid's corner on Friday.

Caring hospital staff

My two year old daughter woke in the early hours of last Thursday morning and couldn't breathe.  The ambulance was called and they were incredible, calming us all down. The emergency depetment staff were professional and compassionate and we knew she was in capable hands.

She was later transferred to the children's ward and the staff professionalism continued. She responded well and we believe it was because of the genuine care of the staff.

A beautiful hospital and wonderful staff. Thank you.

Darren Reid and Michelle Futryk, Penrith

Marriage vows

This so-called marriage between a man and a woman is the real thing, not a man to another man, or a woman and another woman – this is not a real marriage.

This is deceiving the marriage vows and the poor child would not know who is who, especially on parents day at school, to which the child has to bring both parents to show the other children.

The children, especially a boy, who would like to play cricket and rugby league with their mates, would be mistaken as to who’s who in their life. Just marry the opposite partner to you and everyone will be alright, for his and hers upbringing, for everyone – except the odd bods.

Mick Ahkin, Bega

Benefit of pools

Summer is here, and there is no better place than the local swimming pool to cool off and spend time with friends and family. Australian communities, whether in the city or the bush, are dotted with public swimming pools of all shapes and sizes, some built well over 50 years ago. They are the hub of many neighbourhoods. We urge Australians to use these pools all year round, but particularly over summer.

Royal Life Saving has been researching the benefits of the local pool, and have found that health benefits outstrip the cost of entry fivefold. 

Research shows that 40 per cent of Australians are physically inactive and at risk of developing Type II diabetes, heart disease and other related illnesses.

Our findings indicate people can greatly improve their health by visiting the local pool for a swim once a week. Aqua-aerobics, slow lap swimming, even walking laps can also provide low impact training options.

However, many public pools are under pressure, in need of re-development or at-risk of being closed, and so hundreds of people through the turnstiles will send a message that they are essential parts of the Australian way of life.

During summer the local pool is often more than just a place to swim laps or for schools to host lessons or carnivals. It serves as an important meeting point for families, old friends or teenagers looking for a safe and fun place to hang out. It’s hard to measure smiles, but they are well worth the cost of entry.

Remember that although the pool lifeguards are highly trained, they are not babysitters. They need your help. 

Some pools have introduced programs to keep you off your phone and focused on your child’s safety. Actively supervise and stay within arm’s reach of children under five. Look out for signage, talk to the lifeguard, introduce your kids and explain the rules.

Last summer we had great weather, but there were too many tragic drowning incidents, many in rivers, beaches and home pools. This summer, why not try the local pool? Let’s keep the heart of the community open so everyone can stay safe and healthy.

Justin Scarr, CEO Royal Life Saving Society – Australia

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