Bega Web Words, November 14

Frogs Hollow flight school submissions

Without seeing all the details it looks like a great investment for the Bega Valley.  I don’t live very near the runway and I do understand and sympathise with your concerns, however I still feel that any positive investment in our valley can be a good thing. 

Ken Holloway

There will be plenty of submissions against this. How anyone thinks having hundreds of flights over peoples homes all day seven days a week is acceptable is beyond me!

Bel Louise

Why do we need a new airport for this. Put it in Merimbula where people are used to low flying aircraft.

Chris B Speedy 

Great to see some community consultation in place from council regarding this DA. I hope there are a number of submissions from locals outlining the many concerns about this proposal.

Phil Martin

Great investment for the local community. This will boost the economy with all the infrastructure and local tradies picking up work. Every dollar spent in town circulates 23 times before leaving and if 30 million is spent that would be great. 

Blake Motbey

The engine fitted to this aircraft is 1.3 litres in size. That's smaller than almost every car on the road and a lot of motorcycles as well. Trust me, a blowfly buzzing around your head would make more noise.

Gary Hodges

Major investment for this is from foreign investors and profits will go back to those investors. Profit for a few but major negative impacts for many. 

Steve Jackson

What were you doing on Melbourne Cup Day?

At home, doing housework. To be honest I even forgot to watch the race... I was folding washing.

Mandi Conon Rush

Working my butt off....first year I've never had a bet.

Jeanette Atkins

Losing money.

Simon Grealy


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