Bega Web Words November 7

Container deposit scheme

This is a great idea. It's always been this way in SA and no one throws bottles or cans away.

Tina Hunter

So what are they going to do with it all? There’s tons of the stuff stored in warehouses now with nowhere to go. 

Ross Umbers

This may be a good idea for recycling, but costs are going up to cover it. Every single plastic bottle between 150ml to 2 litres is going up 10-16c.

Sharon Greer

Drink containers should not be crushed or broken. What planet do the politicians live on who think up these schemes?

Andrew Thaler

Yet Woolworths still continue to pump out plastic bags? Maybe ban their carry bags and plastic wrapped items. More to this than meets the eye.

Christine Sheather

The big question is where this recyclable waste ends up. Is it being sold to other countries as is most of our plastic recyclable containers?

Heather Burness

I think bringing back "cash for cans" at the tip would be a better project.

Tamsin Webber

These are a great idea - the ones I have seen at the recycling expos I attend compact the plastic for easy transfer. They are really clever, and will reject material that is not accepted. 

Kari Esplin

Gift cards 3-year expiry

Gift cards are the equivalent of cash in the shop and cash has no expiry date. So gift cards should have no expiry date. Gift cards should be redeemable for actual cash after three years as the shop has had the free use of the money for that time.

Kym Mogridge

Leachate spill at tip

Couple of weeks ago Bega Valley Shire Council had sewer going into Merimbula Lake. Now leachate into paddocks near Wolumla Creek. EPA monitoring and investigating. Shire meeting today about adding fluoride (toxic waste) to town water supply. Public trust is eroding.

Adam Robertson


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