OPINION: Best of the web, October 20

Van Ryn demands victims prove ‘damage’

The lawyers says the victims must prove his “predatory behaviour had caused them harm”? I’m lost for words completely! Does predatory behaviour not cause harm?

Steve Sass

He shouldn't even be able to make any demands. Bloody stupid legal system we have.

Debbie Hall

Just because you can't see physical damage doesn't mean it's not damage.

Donna Keft

The weight of world evidence garnered from extensive research should stand alone as evidence. This sending of letters is a despicable tactic and I would argue, bordering on threatening behaviour. The whole community is in support of the victims and their families - I hope you know that.

Tracy Lee

My heart hurts for all impacted by this insidious behaviour. I’m wondering how our community is able to better support these families?

Rachelle Vine

Well said Ben, the psychological consequences of child sexual assault have far-reaching consequences. These stories can often trigger victims. A reminder that Bravehearts is here to help: 1800 272 831.


Canberra Brass Band visit

A memorable night of beautiful music by very talented musicians. Thank you for coming.

Pat Durrant

A wonderful quality concert and a credit to all those who worked hard to achieve this.

Annette Robertson

Bega Deb Ball

So glad that Bega is still practising this great tradition for our young. I did my Deb over 30 years ago now at Bega when there used to be at least three deb balls per year. My daughter has just done her Deb this year in our home town of Boorowa and had such a great night. Sadly Deb Balls are fast becoming a thing of the past in many towns these days.

Sue Wales


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