Bega district Letters to the Editor, October 3

Tathra's On the Perch bird zoo has welcomed a baby bush stone curlew this week. This photo was taken on Friday by editor Ben Smyth when it was barely 30 hours old.
Tathra's On the Perch bird zoo has welcomed a baby bush stone curlew this week. This photo was taken on Friday by editor Ben Smyth when it was barely 30 hours old.

Congrats to pantry

Today I visited the wonderful new community service at the Sapphire Community Pantry.

I was welcomed by volunteers Darren and Darryl who gave me a membership card.  As I walked into the pantry I was impressed by the colourful layout and huge array of groceries from potatoes, carrots and citrus fruit.   Interesting biryani curry sauces, spiced pear relish, tuna, salmon, olive bread and even treats for my dogs.  I filled my trolley to the top.

I know from experience that this was the equivalent of a $150 supermarket visit.  I was stunned when the total was $24, yes, only $24.   Congratulations to the team that has worked so hard to bring this service to Bega.

Deborah Taylor, Akolele

Pipes still in park?

Soon after the Bega Swimming Pool was built, in 1961-62, toilets were installed close to the footpath tha runs through the park to Park Lane. I do not know when the toilets were removed.

Maybe the water and sewerage pipes are still there? This would be ideal if council saw fit to go ahead and build some much-needed toilets for the children who now play in the park. I do hope so.

Annette Warby, Tathra

Jumping through hoops

Referring to letter from Elvie Preo (BDN, 15/9). Unfortunately, any bullying is occurring on both sides, but remember that the majority of people are not engaged in such behaviour, thank goodness.

Elvie seems to be saying that same sex marriage should not be legalised because if they have children, “they  need the help of someone of the opposite sex to make it happen”. This is, according to Elvie, “not a true marriage”.

So I guess that means that anyone who is legally married and has had to rely on one or two other people during their IVF treatment or adoption, does not have a true marriage either.

As well as saying, “Love one another”, Jesus also said, “Turn the other cheek”. Perhaps some people have not remembered that. He also said, “Judge not lest you be judged”.  No-one else has the right to say what LGBTI people can or can’t do in this matter. It's none of your business.

As for LGBTI couples already having rights, well, that is not entirely true. It varies from state to state/territory.

A married person only needs to present a marriage certificate. A same sex couple has to jump through many hoops to prove their relationship and this is not always accepted.

This has a significant effect on being the next of kin, access to pensions, superannuation, control over a funeral of a partner, beneficiary of the deceased person’s will and separation and child custody disputes. Legal marriage would stop that and this discrimination.

My solution really, would be to abolish all marriage! Make everyone jump through these hoops!

Helena Lyons, Wyndham

Waste of time, effort

This plebiscite is a waste of time and effort. Its result will make no difference to anybody.

Regardless of the result, both sides will continue doing what they are already doing.

Supporters of the transgender “marriage” idea will keep seeking more and better legalistic strategies for destroying the Christian religion and the community which identifies with it.

The churches will probably keep seeking “exemptions” and other strategies to hopefully preserve their rights to legally express and live by their beliefs.

The church might as well forget about exemptions. They will be meaningless. They will rapidly be withdrawn.

Better to start preparing believers in how to deal with and how to survive intimidation, bullying and persecution.

Arnold Jago, Nichols Point, Victoria


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