Tathra pupils warm up for their big performance

Why settle for one school play when you can do 10 instead?

Tathra Public School is rehearsing their school performance, combining a wide range of favorite fairytales and classic novels in an onstage recreation of The Wrong Book, written by Nick Bland. 

Kindergarten children perform Beauty and the Beast, Year 4 pupils do Alice in Wonderland and Year 6 brings the characters of Harry Potter to the stage. 

The play is tied together by narrating character Nicola Ickola, who is continuously interrupted by each year group as they hijack the performance and take it in unexpected and whimsical directions. 

Each class selected a book to recreate on stage, and then worked with teacher and play director Meg Derwent over eight weeks to sew their chapter into the overall performance.  

The result is a journey that twists and turns between the favorite stories of each class, and leaves the audience guessing what will come next. 

Mackenzie Brown, Jayda Walsh and Candy Barnett are in the Harry Potter scene with their fellow year 6 pupils. They said this year’s play was the best one yet. 

“There is so much suspense, because you never know what the next class is going to do,” Candy said. 

“It can be confusing remembering the order of everything, but that is what makes the play so exciting too.”

The structure of the play means every year group has an equal chance to perform. 

“Usually the kindergarten kids don’t get such a big role in the plays, but this way means you share more between all the ages,” Jayda said.

This year’s performance is bittersweet for the girls because it is their last school play before they graduate from Tathra Public.

“We’re all really going to miss doing the plays, but we’ll be in the audience next year,” Mackenzie said. 

Tathra pupils will perform ‘The Wrong Play’ on September 19, 20 and 21 at their school hall. 


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