OPINION: Best of the web, May 19

Bermagui BWS proposal

Same old chestnut, like a dog with a bone. When will you get the message, we don’t want it. They want it all are greedy and have a disregard for community.

Howard Trendall

This is not a responsible decision and not in the interest of the community. Listen to the community.

Wendy Grealy

Two Woolworths stores in Merimbula, one in Bega, Bermagui - its monopoly. I feel sorry for small businesses. Bega Valley Shire should say no to further applications to large business taking over our communities.

Annabelle Hyde

Shame on you Woolworths. We said and still say no.

Christine Poulton

Pair trawling approved

Not ideal but really It's better then foreign owned super trawlers fishing our waters feeding there countries. At least local fishermen that do care and understand about sustainability can make a few dollars for their families and Australians eat our own clean fresh fish. 

Jason Whitby

Pure greed the local fishers will lose out and the recreational fishermen spend more and contribute more to the economy and we don’t have a bycatch. Soon we wont have a catch, by the time their under size is thrown overboard it's usually dead and the fish they do catch mostly ends up in the EU as animal meal.

Michael Long

Wow. Finest example of stupidity I've ever seen...This will do wonders for the rec fisher people! Not!

J'Aime Lilith Ishtar

Doubt that’s sustainable fishing.

Stephen Brogan

Gavin Martin’s bravery commendation

Congratulations buddy...well deserved.

Glenn Cotter

Very deserving Gav. So sorry for your pain you bear though. Very sad.

Tubby Andrew 

Great work Gavin. Your work is heroic. Well deserved mate. 

Sharon Troy


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