Bega district letters to the editor, May 19

Genuinely caring

In November last year I ended up in the South East Regional Hospital in Bega’s emergency department.

The doctor I saw shortly after my arrival was wonderful, I was treated and admitted to a ward for further testing where I was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. Since then I have been having regular treatment at the Bega hospital.

Although I am not yet at the end of my journey, I would like to express feelings of my experience and say a big thank you to all the doctors and medical staff who at times work very hard under difficult circumstances.

I found nothing has been too much trouble for staff dealing with my needs. I have been met with kindness and professionalism at every stage of my journey. And where would we be without the volunteers that give up their time helping those in need.

The team in oncology are fantastic not only to me my family and friends but to every person who walks through their doors. They not only are the most competent, professional team while dealing with their patients, they genuinely care about the people and work they do.

This in turn helps to make the process of my experience a little easier to bear.

Linda Grebert

Councillors respond

Bega Valley Shire Councillors pride ourselves on the differences of opinion in the chamber, that is after all what you get in a democracy.

We have nine councillors elected who represent diverse interests from across the shire and who bring a range of experience and  expertise to our decision making and to that end I believe the views of much of the community are now being heard – perhaps more than ever. As long as debate remains respectful and productive then you are getting what you elected.

As a group we have been through rigorous induction programs, shire tours and background briefings on shire assets and services from each department of council. We have had to work through the budget, delivery plan and resourcing strategy, and this is all within the first eight months of the newly elected council. There is no shortage of council committees, community meetings and events that we each attend on top of the regular council commitments.

We pride ourselves on debate and questions being asked within the council chamber so the public is aware  of the reasoning and questions we have. Is it pretty? Not all the time. Is it fun? Not all the time. But we put our hands up for the job and we are getting on with it. 

If you have nine councillors agreeing on everything, no debate and nothing for the public to see then the community could rightly question our processes. If you have no decisions being made and nothing being achieved then quite rightly that “dysfunctional” label may apply because we would have failed in our undertaking to represent the community.

All councillors vote on a combination of perceived merit, our ethics and of course governing for the greater good. I know that all current councillors have the community's best interest at heart. 

Your nine elected councillors

No contest

Competition to Rex Airlines, I don’t think so. I received very poor public relations at Essendon airport booking desk. The male clerk was extremely rude and wouldn’t move my booked flying date to a later date despite support that I was medically unfit to fly. I was told the $159 fare would not be refunded.

Rex were happy to alter the date to a forward one if the original booking had been with them, which was done to fly home to Merimbula.

If this discourtesy is how you treat your clients and being in opposition to Rex you will not be in competition long.

D Symes, Pambula Beach

LUCKY DIP: Pam Tetley, from Bega Valley Can Assist, and Marlene Taylor, from Horizon, draw winners in the Mother's Day raffle. Community notices, page 14.

LUCKY DIP: Pam Tetley, from Bega Valley Can Assist, and Marlene Taylor, from Horizon, draw winners in the Mother's Day raffle. Community notices, page 14.


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