Bega River opened to sea | Photos, Video

Pictures and video: Jacob McMaster 

The mouth of the Bega River at Mogareeka was opened on Monday morning in an effort to alleviate rising water levels. 

Council said they had been keeping a close watch of the rising water levels in recent weeks through regular updates of a buoy at Mogareeka. 

A spokesperson for council said the approved height of waters had been reached to meet the guidlines from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage to re-open the rivermouth

The spokesperson said allowing the river to reach a high level means the opening should be more self-sufficient in outflowing excess water and would hopefully stay open to the ocean longer than previously. 

The river also had to be opened just a few months ago in February. 

Signage and bunting will be in place for at least 48 hours to warn the public of the deep channel that is forming as the river and ocean start to interact again. 

Council requests that members of the public keep well clear of these fast flowing and dangerous waters. This includes staying away from the sandbanks at the channel’s edge as they can become unstable.

It is a criminal offence for non-authorised people to open a lake, lagoon or river entrance. Non-authorised openings present a significant risk to public safety, local ecology and surrounding industries.

For more information contact Council on 6499 2222.