Shark eat shark world on Far South Coast

When you’re on the food chain, there’s always something bigger than you – even if you’re an apex predator it seems.

A video shot by Bermagui commercial fisherman Jason Moyce shows the result of when a 150kg whaler shark caught on his line is seen as an easy meal for something much bigger.

Mr Moyce was fishing off Cuttagee Beach Friday morning when he got more than he bargained for – or perhaps it could be said he got a lot less.

The whaler had a large chunk missing, seemingly made by a single bite.

In Mr Moyce’s opinion it was likely a tiger shark who enjoyed the easy meal.

“It was a fresh bite, only a matter of hours,” he said.

“It could be two bites and has been cleaned up a bit, but it does look like one bite.

“He also had part of his tail taken and smaller bite marks further along – he copped a real hiding poor bugger.”

Mr Moyce said he doesn’t usually fish for sharks and Friday was his first time in a while.

However, it wasn’t the first shark v shark experience for the morning.

An earlier shark catch of closer to 180kg was showing a full belly when Mr Moyce hauled it in about 50 metres off the Blue Pool at Bermagui.

In its stomach he found a hammerhead shark, in three pieces!

And both of these follow on from a significantly damaged whaler shark he hauled in in early January before posting its image to Facebook, writing “There is always a bigger one out there”.

Via his social media accounts, where he goes by the handle Trapman Bermagui, photos and video of Mr Moyce’s marine encounters has garnered him a huge following.

And while enjoying his time on the water, Mr Moyce said his encounters with sharks on the Far South Coast have put him off diving.

“I used to be a keen spear fisherman back in Sydney. But in 30 years [of commercial fishing] I’m seeing much more [shark activity] now than ever before.”



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