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Letters: Disquiet over noisy Monster Trucks

For goodness sake...it was 2 1/2 hours of disruption once in a lifetime! Going by the number of posts on Facebook of families enjoying themselves at the Monster Truck Show, I'd say it was a great decision by BVSC to grant permission for it to be staged at the Rec Ground! I'm not a personal fan of Monster Trucks but Bega needs a liven up and have some fun i.e. "a liveable place" for everyone!

Mary Pearce

I still think Sapphire Speedway should have hosted this event. They have the perfect location away from populated areas. They did host the Monster Trucks several years ago and recouped their costs easily.

Andrew Moore

There will always be someone that has a negative opinion. I think BVSC made an excellent decision to allow such a successful event in this area. For once families didn't have to travel out of the shire for amazing entertainment, and it brought a lot of people to the shire that boosted the local economy. 

Jess Heffernan

So does this mean they can't hold a footy grand final there as well as it will be too noisy?

Karen Lemon

Good to see the trolls are at it again...making personal jibes at people who voice their concerns. One letter to the paper does not warrant so much animosity. I hate fuel guzzling environmental disasters, neither do my friends, but you don't hear us criticising people who enjoy such things. Keep your points to the event and not the people.

Champ Gordon

Petrol price hike 

$1.22 a few days ago to $1.44 plus today. Shake my head.

Patrick Ward

Coles and Woolies never compete with each other. Need independents.

Janelle Wayne Wheatley

Last night it was $1.45 at Coles and Woolies and $1.32 at the cheese factory Caltex. Why?

Dalton Mein


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