Be responsible, roaming cats kill native wildlife

WIRES frequently get calls to rescue small native animals that have been injured in a cat attack.

One very important step to ensuring small native animals live longer, safer lives is to do what The Cat Protection Society recommends on its website:

Responsibly cared for cats are happy and safe, make good neighbours and don’t threaten wildlife.

Install cat-proof fencing or a cat enclosure to help keep wildlife safe.

Cats can and do live happily indoors.

There are a lot of hazards for a cat living outdoors and their average lifespan is many years shorter than that of indoor-only cats, due to such factors as paralysis ticks.

Owners can expect a $500 to $600 vet bill for treating cats with tick infections.

Many cats are victims of human cruelty, which you need to consider if you let your cat roam.

Your neighbours might not appreciate your cat sleeping on their veranda or using their garden as a litter tray.

The RSPCA NSW website states that two-thirds of cats do not make it to their second birthday due to car accidents and dog attacks.

Cats that are allowed to roam are also at risk of cat fights and becoming infected with the parasitic disease toxoplasmosis (toxo).

The parasite can infect most warm-blooded animals, including humans, but the primary host is the (felid) cat family.

Toxo can be spread by animals eating infected meat or by ingesting the faeces of a cat that has been recently infected. 

If a pregnant woman becomes infected, it can also be transmitted from mother to foetus.

Toxo can have serious effects on an unborn child.

The key to having a happy indoor cat is to provide them with enough stimulation so they don’t get bored.

The WIRES website states studies show well-fed domestic pet cats kill at least 25 small native animals per year.

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