Plenty of other trees

WHATEVER your belief about the merits of logging, the Forest NSW plan for logging around the entrance to Bermagui is staggering.

Why anyone would want to cut down any of the trees in what is known as the “cathedral” is unfathomable.

After all, it is not as if there aren’t enough other trees around.

Why can’t they find all the trees they need in the forest away from the eyes of locals and tourist?

Why are these trees so important?

It has been said that Forests NSW can’t see the wood for the trees, so to speak.

Is there no one there who can see the overall picture?

Can they not see that while logging alienates a growing section of the community, this sort of logging alienates nearly everyone?

It is almost laughable.

There is one section of the government promoting us as the wilderness coast and doing a good job of attracting people to come and see our forests, while another department is giving the go ahead to cut parts of that wilderness down.

It might make sense to someone, but whoever that person is should go and sit in that section and feel and see what is there.

It is said the logging will be done “with care” - you might be able to hear the cynics saying “well, that’s a relief”.

While not taking a stand on logging per se, as there are many arguments to be made on both sides, we believe this is something that is untenable.

If logging must occur there are plenty of trees around without going anywhere near these. This must be stopped.