Sustainable homes open to explore

Alan Burdon and Fiona Kotvojs’s Dignams Creek sustainable home
Alan Burdon and Fiona Kotvojs’s Dignams Creek sustainable home

Sustainable House Day is on this Sunday, September 16. The day provides an opportunity for people to visit some of Australia’s leading green homes – ones that are environmentally friendly, cheaper to run and more comfortable to live in.

Organised by the Alternative Technology Association, Sustainable House Day is a great opportunity for people to visit homes that have been designed, built or renovated with sustainability in mind and get advice from homeowners on how to make their own homes more comfortable and cost-effective. 

Off-grid living, solar and battery storage, green roofs, hemp walls, and permaculture gardens are just some of the features people will get to see on the day. 

Among the 46 homes open across NSW, three are on the Far South Coast – in Dalmeny, Tilba and Dignams Creek.

Alan Burdon and Fiona Kotvojs’s Dignams Creek home is made from rammed earth and straw bale. 

The home is completely off-grid and uses solar power for electricity, a masonry heater for heating and wood stove (with gas cooktop) for cooking. All water used is rainwater.

The house includes compostable toilets and reuses grey water through the orchard. If you are interested in finding out more about any of these, head along Sunday.

In addition, the Rural Fire Service will be discussing ways to improve the safety of rural properties and your home. The home will open from 10am until 4pm.

Entry is by donation for the local RFS or Oxfam Australia.

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