Speed limits frustration in Cobargo

Member for Bega Andrew Constance speaks with Cobargo locals during a recent visit and public drop-in session.
Member for Bega Andrew Constance speaks with Cobargo locals during a recent visit and public drop-in session.

With Cobargo-Bermagui Rd’s “poor crash history”, the speed limit has this month been lowered to 80kmh.

Electronic signs have been put up at at either end of the road linking the Princes Hwy to the intersection with Wallaga Lake Rd following the Roads and Maritime announcement earlier in September.

The move has drawn plenty of criticism as well as praise from the community.

Among the most common criticism was the leap to a reduced speed limit as a “kneejerk reaction” and “Band-aid solution” rather than a more costly investment in improvements to the road surface and alignment.

However others also suggested any revenue raised from those not obeying the decreased limit could be reinvested into road upgrades in a “user pays system”.

There was praise for the move though, with several readers commenting it was “about time” and also requesting the same thought be given to other similar roads nearby, including Bermagui-Tathra and the Bega-Candelo Road.

All three of those routes are council roads, but the same arguments were directed at state member Andrew Constance during a recent village visit to Cobargo.

Mr Constance set up at the playground where numerous locals petitioned him with a variety of issues they felt required his attention.

Several were more council-concerned, but a related topic Mr Constance could talk to was the speed zone heading into town from the north.

The 100kmh zone ends adjacent to the Cobargo Preschool on a downhill run, with several locals expressing concerns over children’s safety, as well as excessive noise from large vehicles needing to use their engine brakes to make the speed drop to 50kmh.

Admittedly there were also concerns raised of some heavy vehicle drivers not sticking to the 50kmh zone even through town, but others in the group said that was more an exception rather than the norm.

Mr Constance indicated he also felt the 50kmh zone should extend further up the hill and said he would take Cobargo’s concerns back to his Transport colleagues.