Mike Kelly's Queanbeyan office defaced with pig entrails

Police are investigating an attack on the Queanbeyan office of Eden-Monaro MP Mike Kelly on Wednesday.

A bag of pigs entrails was thrown at the MP’s office door early on September 12, just days after neo-Nazi stickers were placed on his Bega office.

Actions like this only spur me to greater efforts and commitment.

Eden-Monaro MP Mike Kelly

“I have faced much worse threats in my Army career and I will continue to fight racism and ignorance wherever I find it,” Dr Kelly said.

“The series of attacks directed at my electorate offices are evidence of the need for constant vigilance and the confrontation of extremist groups in our country.

“If the perpetrators think that they will intimidate me into refraining from defending Israel or supporting our Jewish community they are deluded.

“Actions like this only spur me to greater efforts and commitment.”