‘Hilarity’, wind causes havoc for shooters

On target: High Gun winner Alf Niesar, who was high in the AA rankings receives one of his prizes from Bega Gun Club president Phil Body.

On target: High Gun winner Alf Niesar, who was high in the AA rankings receives one of his prizes from Bega Gun Club president Phil Body.

The Bega Gun Club’s September shoot has become traditionally the ‘taste of Ball Trap and continental’.

Officials jokes that this year, the wind invited itself along to add a challenge to the day.

Due to the conditions, numbers were slightly down, but four squads still took up the challenge of two events including a 50 target continental point score followed closely by 50 target ball trap. The format saw squads make two trips of 25 targets for each event.

“Event one gave yours truly one of the strangest or funniest experiences of his shooting career,” the club contributor said. 

Squad one, consisting of five quality shooters who shall remain nameless, faced the first fifteen targets thrown for a combined tally of two. The wind had a ball – targets went up and down in their efforts to escape and shooters wondered what was happening.

“I haven’t laughed so much in a long time,” the contributor said, adding it was hilarious to watch most trying to master the conditions. 

Finally settling into the game and getting on line the squad proceeded to set the mark for those following. In the end, AA grade went to Alan Deacon with a score of 135/150 with Phil Body graciously declining a shoot off, taking second with 135/150, also. B/C Grade was won by the legendry club senior, John Siede with a  133/150 which included a clean sweep of his second twenty-five. Second place went to Michael Durnan on 124/150. A Grade went to Alf Niesar with the event’s best tally of 142/150 with regular visitor Robert Duncan second on 136/150.

The much awaited 50T ball trap followed a hearty lunch. Robert Duncan made his visit profitable by taking A Grade with a score of 42/50, a great effort considering that friendly wind that would just not stay away. One target behind was Alf Niesar, 41/50.

B Grade once again saw the grand master, John Siede show the youth how it was done, winning with a score of 41/50. Second went to Zip Summerell on 37/50. Chris Brown showed C grade how to do it by winning with a score of 41/50, with Mick Durnan collecting his second prize for the day with 37/50.

High gun went to Alf Niesar with a total of 182/200.

Meanwhile, the meat tray was collected by Bert Deacon who “creamed” the first four before saving the treasurer by missing the last – a generous club man.

Next month the club shoots on Sunday October 7.

The round of the day will be a 50-target double barrel and a 50-target pointscore on offer. Members are advised that the annual general meeting will be held after the shoot. 

New members are always welcome.