Mayor’s March bushfire appeal funds not available to Numbugga residents

Picture: Rachel Helmreich
Picture: Rachel Helmreich

Bega Valley Shire Council has announced money from the recently established relief fund for the March bushfire will not be available to assist those caught in the the recent Yankees Gap fire.

“Following the property losses suffered in the Numbugga area as a result of the Yankees Gap fire, the Mayoral Appeal Fund committee contacted the Australian Tax Office to seek clarification around the potential to extend the scope of the fund,” council said on Tuesday.

“The response made it clear that the ATO requirements for Australian Disaster Relief Funds restrict the use of the donated monies to include only those people/communities that have been impacted by the declared disaster for which the fund was established - in this case the Tathra and District Bushfire of March 2018.

“In light of this information the distribution committee is working in conjunction with council to provide all possible support to those who were impacted at Numbugga.

“This includes full access to the Recovery Support Service, exemptions from water and sewer charges; waste fees; development application, complying development and associated fees; and interest on general rates instalments.”

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