Web Words, September 4

Numbers of roadkill

Driving from Tathra back to Bega this morning, through Kalaru the number of dead kangaroos was shocking. I've never seen anything like this before. Then came a fox pup also. All a sad sight I'm afraid plus damaged cars needing to be repaired.

Sherry Lucas 

Dead animals on the roadside should be picked up by council/RMS and be turned into compost or fertiliser.

Athol Ringo 

Especially bad when you put a highway through national park from Tathra to Bermagui. Disgraceful.

Nick Jay 

Frogs Hollow flight school

Once again someone wants to bring something to the Bega Valley and people shutting it down it’s growth for the Valley people will use motels, pubs, shops, transport but yet just cause they will hear planes flying around people don’t want it.

Bryan Whitby 

A huge thank you must go to Barry Irvin for speaking up in support of his farmers, his employees and this community. There should be no doubt that this development will severely affect this region; he made it perfectly clear as to why he was objecting to the development. It will affect the image of Bega Cheese, an internationally recognised product, by changing the character of the Bega Valley forever. It will directly impact his farmers, threatening their ability and desire to continue to farm in the Bega Valley. If Bega farmers leave the industry because of this development it will threaten the economic viability of the Bega factory, thereby putting at risk the jobs of almost 1000 local people, or over 2500 across all their operations. 

Ancret Shipton 

New 40km/h road rule

The highway patrol doesn't always pull you over in the safest locations. What happens if it's on a blind corner or over a crest? Surely slamming on the brakes to go from 100-40 in two seconds would be a worse idea then slowing as much and as safely as possible.

Dalton Mein