Web Words, August 31

Flight school meeting

This will negatively affect the pleasant amenity of the entire Bega Valley. Pick a less populated spot further west in NSW. There are some big old airports and less concentrated populations out there.

Fiona Elizabeth Izon Avery

Thank you to all who attended and to those who made presentations today. I am heartened by our articulate and passionate community who will fight to ensure that our beautiful Bega Valley and surrounds remain the pristine area that we cherish.

Pauline Armstrong

Love how people don’t want flight schools but they are happy to jump on a plane to travel.

Michael Smith

Kimone’s mission

I know this lovely lady and boy has she come along way her strength is remarkable and her actions so she is one strong lady and a great role model to others after a stroke.

Gena Whitby 

So proud of you Kimone. You have always been a very determined and generous person. Congratulations on your achievements. You are an inspiration. Hugs.

Joan Gear Auer 

Kezie joins BVM

Does that mean the cars will crash into other cars often, and heavily?

Ewen Page 

Library funding increased

The Service NSW Kiosk's are a great idea, but it only deals with the executive branch. I understand that LIAC used to have legal resources in libraries. So many people lack access to justice in that they cannot afford private representation and are otherwise ineligible for legal aid. If the LIAC resources had a hands on aspect whereby a person could help to fill out for example a family law application, or a small claim matter, that would go a long way to expanding services to include the third arm of government as well. Services could include how to navigate online portals to courts and tribunals etc and how to find the relevant court or tribunal forms.

Tony Cullinan