Web Words, August 28

Six things to do in Tathra

I guess he was just writing about food! He completely missed a good opportunity to mention our local Wharf Museum as a venue of interest, even though volunteers opened especially for him to view Tathra’s maritime and local history.

Lynneeta Darmody 

Tathra is definitely not all about food, try boating on Bega River, SUP at Mogareeka, fishing at Kianinny, riding the mountain bike trails or a dip in the surf at the beach. Love Tathra.

Pam Macrae 

Planning for a bushfire

We’ve got our important documents, photos etc all ready in containers and animal cages in the garage ready for them too. Told the kids they can grab a couple of things if they have time but otherwise it’s the clothes on our backs. Hope it never happens.

Jaylee Mitchell 

Be calm, don't panic. Don't leave it to the last minute. Nothing is more important than your lives.

Shyls Ulrick 

Tathra to Kalaru bike path

How is this different to any other foot/bike path in a residential area which crosses multiple driveways? The width of the road reserve obviously allowed for this future purpose upon dedication. I would welcome this with open arms if it was my street.

Michelle Preo 

Can’t wait, walk, bike or pram I will use it. I don’t see how this bike path differs from the footpath just down the road, please build ASAP.

Nel Ferguson 

I think no money should be spent on anything else like this until there is clean drinking water coming out of the tap.

Matt Perry

As a cyclist I wouldn’t use it. I already ride on the road between Tathra and Mogareeka despite the provided bike path. The risk of getting hit by a car pulling out of a side street or driveway puts me off bike paths. If I ride on the road then the law is clear that I have right of way over entering traffic, if I’m off the road then many expect me to stop.

Indi Fiji