Bega Web Words, August 10

Native title claim

How can you own water?

Jaylee Mitchell

Ask the government, they charge us for it.

Scott Wyatt

Exactly no one owns the water. Our First Nation people are the custodians of the earth and the water. But way before white settlement even occurred our traditional custodians lived off the sea. Especially the salt water people. They still do to this day.

Tricia Owen

First sod turned at TAFE

Hope it's funded to be completed and not a token start to gain election marketing. The hospital is still incomplete due to lack of funding.

Steve Jackson

What a waste of monies, the other TAFE can’t get funding, what will be the difference, geographically changed? Please please explain.

Di Johnson

Good work Andrew. You do an outstanding job for Bega and surrounds. This will be an excellent boost for the Valley.

Jason Lewington

Election coming, only time anything gets done. Smoke and mirrors.

George Summerson

It’s a total farce! Show me the follow up funding.

Di Johnson

Well done, and poo poo to all the whingers who just like to complain about everything!!

Wendy Franks

Old bus saved from scrap

Woohoo! Blast from the past! Many years spent travelling to and from school in Bega from Tathra! Wonderful memories – what a find!

Lynneeta Darmody

Seen it under water and on Chris and Jackie’s farm. Great to see it live again.

Raymond Pearce

This is awesome. I want more of the story though! Love that flooded photo also.

Emmy Sparrow

Me too. The rounded top poking out. Always think of those floods when I cross the flats at Jellat. Unbelievable!

Gabrielle McGrath