Web Words, August 7

Saturday night’s meteor

My son saw it first as we were driving to a football event at around 6.30pm on Saturday, I naturally slowed downed to watch such an amazing sublime moment.

Travis Broughton 

Yes, thought I was seeing things. Bright green flash across the sky. East to west. Very bright and fast.

Sandy Lake 

If it didn't burn out, I read it would've landed near Cooma.

Jeanette Atkins

Seen it around 7.

Amelia Louise Curtis

Letter to the editor on cuts to TAFE

It’s good to see the government finally put back in to education. Seeing the only people this government cares about is themselves and lining their pockets. The way it stands now with the millions stripped out each year has shown us that this government couldn’t careless about our school leavers. Since this government got elected, unemployment has risen, underemployment has doubled. The way this government has re-designed the TAFE system, only their type can afford it.

Cheryl Ann 

What cuts? Bega has a new connected learning centre under construction and the latest state budget has announced that apprenticeships and trainee ships will be fee exempt. Mr Pearce talks about no mechanical trade courses locally, but when I started my trade as a mechanic over 16 years ago we never had them locally and we travelled - so it’s not cutting something, when it never existed here in the first place.

Jason Lewington 

Welcome signs may be revamped

If it is raw materials rusty metals wharf timbers etc it will look amazing! A whole lot better than what we currently have. Yes get the Indigenous language correct and then go for it!

Carmen Risby 

Why wasn't the language correct in the first place? Did someone just think close enough was good enough?

Valerie Little 


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