Bega District Letters to the Editor, July 27

Incredible team

I wanted to send a big shout out to the incredible team in ICU at Bega Hospital.  They have been wonderful in helping my recovery from knee surgery. Thank you all very much.

Leo Armstrong, Tura Beach 

Flight school fears

The most cursory glance at the amended documents submitted to council by the Frogs Hollow Flight School developers confirms the community’s worse fears of 200 flights a day, up to 40 planes in the air at any given time, flying seven days a week over a flight area that covers Moruya, Bermagui, Tathra, Bega, Merimbula, Pambula and Eden as well as the villages and as far inland as Cooma and Bombala.

The amended report itself states:  “There is the potential for significant amenity impacts at Merimbula and Moruya airfields, as at both of these airfields, residential areas and areas used for tourism industries will be overflown by aircraft taking off and landing and conducting circuit operations.”

The submitted Social Impact Study examines questions of whether or not a development will improve our lives?  

It attempts to provide information on the project’s predicted social, environmental and economic impacts. The developers fail to show any real social or environmental benefit for the community. Quite the opposite in fact, confirming the scale of the development is larger than initially admitted, noise and disturbance will cover the entire district by their own admission. Furthermore, they have surreptitiously allowed for expansion of the development that would result in increased flight hours, night flying, larger aircraft (2000kg take off weight which are triple the size of the ‘proposed’ aircraft used in the flawed noise report and incredibly loud). 

The developers admission in their own Social Impact Study of negative economic impacts on our mainstay tourism industry and the image of the Wilderness Coast is incredibly concerning. We must preserve the amenity and the unique features that attract people to this region as it underpins our economy and provides real employment and economic runoff.   

The only likely economic benefit of the Frogs Hollow development seems to be for the developers. Predictions of job creation are unproven and highly unlikely given the developers stated they will sell the land and DA to the highest bidder. A cursory Internet search shows they are actively seeking Chinese investment, which is unlikely to generate local employment. 

State Labor candidate Leanne Atkinson said the negative social impact on the community of the Frogs Hollow Flight School outweighs any perceived economic benefit. So true, we live in a community not an economy. There is only a week left to lodge a submission with council opposing this atrocious development that will destroy our beautiful coast and our lifestyles. 

Stephen Jackson, Bega

No chance

John Richardson has missed the point in his letter (BDN, 3/7), bemoaning the tiny sums allocated by the Premier to the South Coast. A political leader with funds to 'give away' will give them away where they are most likely to help the party stay in government. In the case of the South Coast, Andrew Constance has practically no chance of being re-elected.

He has abandoned the people who voted him in by giving zero assistance or support to the thousands of voters who are so deeply concerned about the proposed Frogs Hollow flight school. He has demonstrated that he is not our 'representative' in any meaningful way, and the Premier is unlikely to place funds in an electorate that is already a lost cause. Unless he comes out very soon with some support for us concerned citizens, we can forget about any largesse from the Premier. If you continue to abandon us, Mr Constance, have a lovely time in the real world - you are no use to us here.

Paul Scherek, Bega

Readers enjoyed sharing their frosty morning photos with us this week, including this one from Helen Greer.

Readers enjoyed sharing their frosty morning photos with us this week, including this one from Helen Greer.