Michael to play in a trio at Tathra

Michael Menager.
Michael Menager.

California-born singer-songwriter Michael Menager has an ear for the common threads in our human experience: pitfalls and disappointments, insights and epiphanies.

After singing and playing his way through coffee houses and bars around the world, he is now based in Candelo where his debut album, Clean Exit, was recorded in 2014. 

With a folk ethos and a blues gospel feel, Menager delivered Clean Exit with the authority of an early John Prine and his guitar style is reminiscent of the late Reverend Gary Davis.

His second album Not The Express was produced by Heath Cullen and has a warm, timeless, sepia quality to its analogue-steeped sounds.

The production is spare and spacious, the song craft watertight and the songs are love songs, life songs: they are mischievous and playful, but also heartbreaking, honest, poignant.

The Menager Menager Trio will perform at the Tathra Hotel, Tathra on Sunday, July 29 from 4pm.

He will play with Sam Martin and Dan Efraemson.