Magical play performed at Mumbulla

The children from Mumbulla School in Bega gave a stellar performance last week for their Winter Festival play The Magic Faraway Tree, an adaptation of the Enid Blyton books.

Class 6 children performed the lead parts with all the well-known characters of Silky, Moon-Face, Mr Whatzisname, Dame Wash-a-lot and Dame Snap.

The roles were shared among the class so that each child had a chance to perform.

Class 5 children were musicians and moving parts. The moving parts helped the scenes to change cleverly from trains to wisha-wisha trees and even to a bright red plane.

Each Class from 1 to 4 took to the stage during the play to bring more colour to the story.

Class 1 children were a field of red poppies in Dreamland and Class 2 were pixies, brownies and fairies in Saucepan Man’s Land.

Class 3 dressed as woodland animals shopping in The Land Of Take What You Want, while Class 4 made plenty of noise as students in Dame Snap’s School for naughty pixies, brownies and fairies.

Those who are familiar with Mumbulla School’s playground would have hardly recognised the castle which was transformed into the Faraway Tree.

David Stocker, an ex-parent at Mumbulla School and well-known around the Bega Valley for his directing work, was one of the directors and shared the task with Class 6 teacher Karin Champagne.

When asked about the hard work that went into the planning, Ms Champagne said, “when it’s creative it doesn’t feel like hard work”.