Bega Web Words, July 12

Railway proposed to Eden

Is this the second stage of the railway the federal government promised us in 1901? Can we handle this pace of development?

Scott Wyatt

Great idea. Plus if it were to come by Bega, there could be a junction to continue the line up to Nowra and thereby linking the South Coast with major and a couple of regional cities

Tony Cullinan

I would think a line extending south from bomaderry to Eden would make more sense, then continuing through to bairnsdale.. considering the highway congestion and tourist hotspots along the coast. But any link to the fsc is better than none.

Kt Westwood

Great idea but about 100 years to late. We are so used to being isolated from public transport. It will take 100 years to get over the withdrawal symptoms.

Robert Jennings

Boys rescued from Thai cave 

The world can unite for good. 13 people in danger of death and we came together to rescue them. And not a question asked nor a judgement made. A big pat on the back for the world.

Valerie Little 

A most incredible and inspiring story. Well done to everyone involved, a hard but committed search and rescue.

Sherry Lucas

Backlash to fire report 

The report by Mick Keelty is nothing but atrocious!!! The report is full of emotion rather than facts. To state ‘ should not be seen as anything than a strong supporter of the 85,000 volunteers..’ is nothing but emotive language and Keelty should be ashamed of providing a report of nothing than hot air. The problems section does not illustrate the problems succinctly and the solutions are also poorly written. 

Chris Hughes

Just a thought. How about if all the local emergency services got together as a team to do what they can to protect everyone in the event of an emergency. Many hands make light work so they say…

J'Aime Lilith Ishtar