Letters to the editor, July 10

OLD TIMES: Fishing from the Rose of Eden at mouth of Bega River. The Rose of Eden was a twin screw steam launch, belonging to Daniel Gowing. Picture: State Library of NSW
OLD TIMES: Fishing from the Rose of Eden at mouth of Bega River. The Rose of Eden was a twin screw steam launch, belonging to Daniel Gowing. Picture: State Library of NSW

Memories of Tathra

Looking through my genealogy today (June 12) I found this picture of early days in Tathra.

I have fond memories of Tathra as my husband and I lived in Tathra in the late ’50s as my husband Ray was assistant manager of Coles Store, Bega. 

We had very happy times at the beach with our two girls and the Coles crew. 

I watched the dreadful fires on TV and I do hope the town is being rebuilt.

I could not believe how Tathra had grown since we lived there and they didn’t need these fires to destroy the town.

Wish everyone the best for the future. 

Thought you might like this photo for your paper.

Heather Stacey, Cessnock

Editor’s note: The photo Ms Stacey is referring to is the picture in this week’s letters to the editor and was taken around 1887. It shows people fishing from the Rose of Eden, which belonged to Daniel Gowing of Tathra, at mouth of Bega River and was supplied by the State Library of NSW. 

Another gun amnesty

So there’s to be another federal gun amnesty in Australia along the lines of the previous one, in spite of the fact that the 2017 amnesty was seriously flawed.

Even if there was a reduction in the number of unused or unwanted guns in hiding the amnesty could actually have increased the number of firearms in circulation, thereby defeating the professed government aim of making us all feel safer. 

The Oxford dictionary defines “amnesty” as an act of oblivion or general pardon.

Yes, you were to be forgiven if you had an unregistered gun in your possession if you decided to have it registered or trashed at a police station. 

Certainly on the South Coast we can expect many more guns to be sold to amateur shooters at the annual council-approved HuntFest, where hunting and killing animals is promoted as a fun activity for the whole family and gun ownership is presented as being attainable and desirable. 

Mr Grant was right in praising John Howard’s gun amnesty of 1996 as one of the then Prime Minister’s greatest achievements, but omitted to mention the fact that Howard’s amnesty did not make provision for allowing guns to remain on the market.  

Wake up Australia.

More guns equals more violence.

Susan Cruttenden, Dalmeny 

Questioning vaccines 

I attended a meeting called by MP Mike Kelly on Tuesday, June 3.

This was my question:

“How do you justify the injection of over three milligrams aluminium (a known neurotoxin) into healthy babies under the age of 12 months under the current vaccine schedule?”

Dr Chris Exley, a world authority on aluminium from Kiel university (UK) and Dr Chris Shaw (US) both have very troubling research on the links between injected aluminium and brain damage. 

There is a tsunami of evidence showing that (contrary to popular myth) vaccines are neither safe nor effective. 

The US has paid out nearly $4billion to vaccine-damaged children since the mid ’80s.

This is the tip of the iceberg. 

As we have 90,000 severe and profound autistic children in Australia (up from virtually zero in the ’70s) with all the independent studies showing clear links between vaccines, autism and a myriad of other issues, I think it is high time long-term independent research is done to properly monitor the long term health of the fully vaccinated vs the vaccine free. 

We have swapped fevers and rashes for asthma, eczema, ADHD, autoimmune issues, autism and SIDS. 

Wendy Daniel, Bega

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