Web Words, July 10

Mystery in the sky remains unanswered

Looks stealthy on telephoto. High up and triangular in shape. Someones defence asset. Came from north, turned west, then back north. Left three loops south then did not return after final leg north. Google “racetrack contrails” might have been holding for Kinsgford Smith maybe.

Andrew Milligan

On that Monday morning my daughter and I happened to be looking at the morning sky at Barragga Bay while having breakfast - the sky was clear with nothing in the sky - all of a sudden we saw a puff of smoke and a jet with a smoke trail appeared out of the puff of smoke and continued across the sky - we were both amazed and rushed outside to get a better look! It was just inexplicable! and a mystery as to where it appeared from! I didn't see the circular trails - perhaps that came later?

Ross G Cameron 

Most probably a military jet (or contracted) out of Nowra on exercise because it did not show up on flight aware as a commercial flight.

Evan Alexander 

Mural ready for NAIDOC Week

Well done Steven. Your Dad was an inspiration and made a great difference. That artwork has been respected since it was first painted.

Peter van Bracht 

Awesome looking like the old man every day he would be smiling down on you and the boys brother.

Bronwyn Luff 

Fantastic! Looks great.

Annie O'Keeffe 

Concern over future of aged care support

I would suggest the current home care package system is not working if there are 105,000 people waiting for home care packages. Ceasing Meals on Wheels by 2020 - Why?

Bermi Stitcher 

The system is working just need more funds to hire care workers.

Sandy Gauci