Bega District Letters to the Editor, June 22

This first letter was just too good not to run in full! If anyone can help out, please get in touch on 6492 1177 or and we’ll put you in contact with Cat.

Seeking slippery dip

I’m writing because I’m desperately searching for a slippery dip. Not just any slippery dip...a very specific slippery dip. It may be in the bottom corner of someone’s yard, overgrown with weeds and grass. It may be faded and dirty, it may even have a crack in it (but not somewhere that really matters).

I only have until July 11 to find this particular slippery dip for a beautiful and very special little boy turning four. A Christmas in July miracle good news story. Quite frankly, the world needs a good news story. 

I visited friends this evening. Master 3 informed me that his birthday was coming soon...that he would be 4 and that he wanted a slippery dip.

Master 3 was very earnest. I asked if he was allowed to have a slippery dip. Did they have the room etc. I suggested he ask  his mother.

Mummy was shrugging her shoulders and laughing. This is the first I've even heard that he wants a slippery dip. We just can't have a trampoline here Mummy explained. Yes, you may have a slippery dip. 

Mummy spoke very slowly and clearly, nodding her head so he could understand the answer was Yes. 

Master 3 turned back to me, not completely convinced that this fabulous thing was possible. Can I have a slippery dip? Of course you can have a slippery dip! 

And you know what? I believe that we can find you a slippery dip without having to pay money! (Master 3 had shown me his fluffy 'pocket money' Pokemon purse full of silver coins). Master 3 was very relieved, as if this had been the problem

But what kind of slippery dip do you want? What colours? What does it look like, this slippery dip you want? 

I asked him to close his eyes. Instead, he beamed and without hesitation waved his little arms and hands around as he described the slippery dip he had played on, a thousand times, in his imagination. 

His gorgeous little three-year-old voice dictated and I wrote...”It's got red stairs and a yellow slidey bit”.

I confess that I have just dug myself a very big hole. Now we aren't asking for anyone to buy a slippery dip, but there's a slippery dip with red stairs and a yellow slidey bit out there somewhere. 

And it's lonely. Because it’s seen a little boy in its imagination who’s about to turn four and who loves it more than anything. And the little slippery dip with the red stairs and the yellow slidey bit doesn't want to be lonely any more. 

We three need you. Me because I've dug myself a very very very big hole. And now we wait.  Bega District News, the ball is in your court.

Cat Rogers, Narooma 

Workers open the Bega River mouth at Mogareeka on Tuesday as rain drenches the district. Picture: Cliff Shipton

Workers open the Bega River mouth at Mogareeka on Tuesday as rain drenches the district. Picture: Cliff Shipton

Rally success

The Bega Valley Rally was a great success over the June long weekend. 

Special thanks to the Bega Valley Shire Council – the use of the shire roads is an outstanding feature of the event. Also to South Coast Police, who worked to aid the organisers to ensure that all the necessary paperwork was completed, NSW Forestry Corp for the use of their roads and communications network, and all the local sponsors who we need to support the event. 

Thanks also to organisations that provide officials and services for the event including the various RFS brigades and Bega Heritage Motors, the people who helped as volunteers, without your valuable assistance the BVR would not happen.

And a very special thanks to the community and especially the residents of the roads closed for the event. Your support made our event. We have already started to organise for the June long weekend 2019.

Kim Boyd, Sapphire Coast Sporting Car Club president