Bega Web Words, June 12

Sheena, Lynne win OAM

Congratulations to both Lynne Koerbin and Sheena Boughen for the recognition of your passion and your achievements! In a way it is also a recognition of the massive number of volunteers who selflessly give their time and assist others in our Bega Valley community.

Loretta de Giorgio-Fella 

Tathra Enduro

Thank you for the live feed. It's great to be able to see these events live. Well done BDN.

Jan Ellard

What a great effort by the organisers! Less than three months since the fire and a huge amount of work.

Doug Reckord 

Numbers rise in hospital emergency department

People can’t afford to go to their own doctor because they don’t have enough money. More bulk billing would definitely help.

Sue Egerton Warnock

Maybe if people could afford to visit their GP then this wouldn't be happening. I'm sure the vast majority of people would prefer not to clog up the emergency room but what choice do they have?

Jordana Connell 

1. We have to wait up to three weeks to see the doctors. 2. We have to pay to see the doctors. 3. Doctors aren't open on a weekend. 4. Free tests and x-rays and specialists at the hospital. You gotta be rich to be sick in Bega and see doctors.

Ang-Rainbow Hutley 

A family member broke their arm, went to the hospital on a Friday and was asked "Have you been to your local GP?". Aside from the absurdity that they presented with a broken arm and was basically told go to your doctor, it was a Friday and no appointments were available until the following week.

Dalton Mein

People can’t afford to go to their doctor and if you’re new to the area well you can’t even get into one as they are taking no new patients so they have to go somewhere.

Debbie Overton 


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