Bega District Letters to the Editor, June 12

The weekend's Bega Valley Rally wasn't all about modified high-end performance vehicles. This quirky old thing was a standout for spectators. Picture: Jacob McMaster
The weekend's Bega Valley Rally wasn't all about modified high-end performance vehicles. This quirky old thing was a standout for spectators. Picture: Jacob McMaster

Hard to believe

As a Christian and as a 83-year-old male I feel I must comment on the behaviour of a young man from Bega. Where have we gone wrong? Every newspaper, every TV screen, every day we see examples of behaviour that is totally out of the mind of an average Australian.

We are told over and over again to love your brother and sister, and when I was younger I stopped on all occasions to help a motorist in need – it was the Australian thing to do. Today you dare not stop for fear you will be car jacked or attacked.

The great Australian dream of loving your mate, assisting them in times of trouble, has disappeared all due to the actions of these people, who in my mind are dependent on drugs and a mixture of spirits which gives them the strength of a super man or woman.

This case in Bega on Friday, June 1, is a example of this culture and we must rise to the occasion and wipe it from our culture. It is the responsibility of all, including churches, organisations, governments – state, federal and local councils – to see a change in the behaviour of this generation.

It is hard to believe, but it is happening day after day, night after night. We must all come together to change this horror that has become a part of civilisation and a part of our daily lives.

Allen Collins, Tathra

Journey towards jobs

Education is only the journey. It’s meaningful jobs, careers and quality of life that is the destination.

Newsflash to the NSW Premier and all her Ministers. People who have jobs pay taxes and put money into communities and your coffers. Those who don’t or can’t work rely on the public purse.

Because of funding cuts and government short-sightedness, Bega TAFE and I should imagine most TAFEs in NSW are running pretty ordinary abbreviated curriculum.

Every second newspaper, magazine or TV news show is saying how Australia will suffer because of the skill shortage of tradespeople. What are you doing about it?

Every TAFE including Bega needs to be running courses for plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, mechanics both motor and marine, how to set up and run a small business, interview skills and resume writing. For those kids not coping with school there need to be bridging courses to get them into trades particularly literacy and numeracy skills.

Something else that would be more than useful is to teach young people something that has disappeared in today’s society, people skills. Young people have their heads stuck in technology 24/7 and are rapidly losing the art of conversation.

Also I would strongly suggest you upgrade and expand the current Bega TAFE rather than pour buckets of money into an old outdated building.

Do what you did with the stadium debacle. After much public pressure you decided it was wiser to upgrade some of the current football stadiums rather than tear down and rebuild. I can smell an election in the air on that one.

The push to outsource any or all of TAFE services to private enterprise is a nightmare. Name me one thing any government has outsourced that has benefited the public.

Frank Pearce, Bega 

Misplaced adoration

Religious correspondent, Pat Jones, tells us her god is such a “loving being” he made his son “die a cruel death on a wooden cross” to atone for our sins (BDN, 8/6).

I wonder how people would react if I announced tomorrow that I so loved Bega I had made my son die a cruel death on a wooden cross in our backyard to atone for our sins. I’m pretty sure you’d all think I’m neither loving nor sane.

So why are we supposed to prostrate ourselves in wondrous adoration of an alleged god who sacrifices his son our behalf? Wouldn’t he be just as mad?

Paul Strutynski, Buckajo