Band Together for Tathra? You bet we did

Saturday’s music festival was a stellar success from all accounts – a family friendly event that saw around 4000 people dancing, singing, eating and drinking, all while feeling that warmth that comes when giving back to a worthy community cause. (And once the sun went down any warmth was appreciated).

To think there were 29 bands who all signed up to take part for free, playing just to support the community. But don’t forget also offering their time and services free were the organisers, stage builders, sound techs, volunteers manning the bars…


It’s a tough call to pick a highlight or five, but I’m going to give it a go. Bear in mind there’s some personal taste in here so be sure to also let me know your own thoughts on the event!

1927: Hoodoo Gurus may have been headline act (and they were spectacular), but for me, seeing 1927 belt out their set as if nothing had changed since the ‘80s when they were in my top five albums was the real standout. To see Compulsory Hero live was worth the ticket price alone.

Daniel Champagne: A home-grown talent who is making a huge name for himself on the US circuit owned that stage. Champagne’s percussive guitar work and soulful vocals was captivating, belying the fact he was one man on a huge stage facing a crowd of thousands.

SCLC Stage Band: What an amazing experience it must’ve been for the young performers of the Sapphire Coast Learning Community. Bookended by 1927 and the Hoodoo Gurus, with renditions of Beyonce and The B52s. It was almost enough to make me like Love Shack, they were just that good. 

Sam Stevenson: Hands down the anthem of the day (month/year?)! With the outstanding Figmentz, Stevenson took the stage in his RFS uniform and absolutely belted out With a Little Help From my Friends. Paying tribute to his colleagues and all the emergency services who did an exceptional job on March 18 and since, there can be no higher praise.

Darren Jones: Last, but certainly not least, Jones and his team were the driving force behind Band Together, organising and coordinating the huge event as well as making sure it all ran smoothly on the day. Just think, for those who saw how brilliantly Saturday panned out, it has been a mere 10 weeks since the March 18 bushfire.

The organisers deserve our every praise, and I’m sure the community of Tathra is first in line to offer it.                                – Ben Smyth