Bega Web Words, May 18

RYDA driver safety course

Thanks Rotary. Great chance for students to add to their driving knowledge and their understanding of need for concentration and defensive driving techniques when behind the wheel.

Valerie Little 

There's a number of adults that I know that could take heed of the same messages. Especially phone chatters whilst driving! You make me insane! And I'm going to start reporting your number plates to the police cos I don't want to be the one who comes across you and your children dead in a ditch in 100km zone cos you think making your breakfast plans is so much more important! Rant over!

J'Aime Lilith Ishtar  

Driver opens up about Nethercote crash

Excellent. They won't listen to us but maybe your peer group will listen to you Maggie. Thank you for being big enough to own this.

Diana Daisy Trendall 

You are awesome and mature for owning your mistakes and hopefully others will learn from this

Lee Jane Harris 

Turning a negative into a positive to try to educate people on driving. Good on you Maggie. Time to forgive yourself. The good far outweighs the bad. 

Sharon Troy 

Government to probe power price gouging

One company recently offered me a 24% discount if I stayed with them. Think about that.

David McGeachie 

Kicking plastic habit

Well Woolies and Coles in Bega could do a lot by getting rid of the silly plastic packaging on their fruits and veggies! Next they'll be selling peeled oranges in plastic to save those poor people from the hassle of peeling them!

J'Aime Lilith Ishtar 

There must be a penalty for wrapping (excessive anyway). Something is wrong if tins, cardboard, paper and plastic wrapped goods are cheaper off the shelf.

Robert Allen