Jemima Parker creates screen prints as Tathra bushfire fundraiser

An artist raised near Bega has started a fundraiser to assist people affected by the Tathra bushfires. 

“Watching the news from Canberra of the Tathra fires was absolutely shocking and heartbreaking,” ACT-based screen printer Jemima Parker said.

“While I couldn't be there in person to help with practical recovery efforts, I really wanted to help the community in some way. I thought the best way to do this would be through my art.”

In collaboration with her mother Lauraine, who provided her with the photograph used to create the print, she has made 10 hand-printed two-colour screen prints of Tathra Wharf. 

Ms Parker has First Class Honours in Visual Arts from the Australian National University School of Art and has exhibited across Australia. 

She has a strong love of screen printing, regularly teaching in Canberra and was recently invited to teach at a school of crafts in North Carolina, USA. 

“I love printmaking, and in particular screen printing due to its process-driven nature and flexibility as a medium,” she said.  

“I love all aspects of the process, from coating and preparing a screen, to the magic moment as you wash out an exposed screen, right through to the physicality of pulling the squeegee.

“Most recently, I am enjoying the way screen printing allows me to combine photography and printmaking.”

Prints are available through a $100 donation to the Tathra Bushfire Mayoral Appeal Fund. Contact Ms Parker at to reserve a print before making your donation. 

Prints can be delivered in the Canberra area, or can be posted elsewhere for a fee.