Bega District Web Words, May 15

Corey Legge receives $10,000 arts scholarship

I'm blown away by all these wonderful messages of support and encouragement! It means the world to know that everyone back home is behind me on this crazy journey. Hats off to the BDN for their continued support over the years.

Corey Legge 

Congratulations Corey. All your hard work has paid off. Well deserved.

Tanya Markovits 

Congratulations Corey, you've worked long and hard for this.

Pauline Daley 

So well deserved. Hopefully those at the big fundraiser will get to see this very talented young man.

Rod Niemeier 

Congratulations Corey well deserved.

Leea Ferris 

Debbie Osiecki leaves Tulgeen

Bye Deb. Good luck in your passion. Love to Sharon and yourself.

Marisa Catlow

Stephany and Sally win at CWA state conference 

Well done Steph you champ.

Tash Quast 

Congratulations Steph you'll have to make me some.

Letitia Carroll 

Wow, that’s fantastic.

Sandra LeBusque James

Well done Stephany and Sally.

Janice N Chris Brown

Narooma man wins The Chase

Well done Mike! (Glad I don't hold my breath between winners on that show - Bring back Deal or no Deal). 

Jeanette Atkins

Todd Harnett it could of been you.

Chris Dwyer

Congrats Michael,well done.

Bronwyn Reynolds

Steampunk festival

Wish I’d known this was on! Gwyn looks amazing.

Heather Burness