Bega District Letters to the Editor, May 11

Gary Skelton from Kothes and Samantha Avitaia from Wollongong University (right) congratulate high-achieving accounting students Wendy Hodges and Jade Ferrer.
Gary Skelton from Kothes and Samantha Avitaia from Wollongong University (right) congratulate high-achieving accounting students Wendy Hodges and Jade Ferrer.

Sobering reminder

I wish to thank Jim Kelly for his thought provoking poem, a sobering reminder of war’s often ignored collateral damage. My father lost his brother, killed in battle in September 1914, aged 20. His mother died soon after of a broken heart. He lived a resentful and angry life and died in solitude, one of millions of forgotten casualties of that senseless slaughter glorified as the Great War.

Bernard Lagarenne, Merimbula

Ethical practices

It was with great disappointment that I read the letter of Susan Cruttenden (BDN, 4/5) claiming that responsible hunting practices were “spoiling” the South Coast.

While hunting may be a controversial media issue, in reality it is an activity similar to fishing where people go out into the natural environment and harvest the best in organic, free-range food. Hunting is also part of the solution in the management of pest animals such as foxes, rabbits and other feral species that cause social, economic and environmental problems.

It is through ethical, responsible hunting that the natural environment, which Ms Cruttenden enjoys along with thousands of other South Coast residents, and local farms are protected from degradation by feral species. SSAA NSW promotes safe and ethical hunting, and we also partner with conservation organisations, such as Devil Ark in the Upper Hunter region, where our accredited members remove feral animals that threaten the habitats of Tasmanian devils in a captive breeding program designed to assist in the removal of devil facial tumour disease and ensure a healthy, genetically diverse population of devils in Tasmania.

SSAA NSW also partners with the National Parks and Wildlife Service to provide accredited volunteers for pest control activities in national parks. This partnership utilises the skills and experience of our volunteer recreational hunters to remove feral animals from the state's national parks and allow native flora and fauna to thrive.

I am genuinely excited that SSAA NSW, the major naming sponsor of Huntfest, will once again be able to educate people from all over NSW about the role ethical and sustainable hunting plays in protecting our environment and I look forward to seeing everyone there. I would be happy to meet with Ms Cruttenden to discuss the important role that recreational hunters play in environmental conservation. 

Diana Melham, SSAA executive director

Super hypocrisy

Mike Kelly: Mr Shorten is going to take awy dividend refunds from superannuation retirees whoi built up their nest egg over many years, paying 9 or 9.5 per cent into super, because he thinks they’ve got it too good. But you and every other politician gets 15.4 per cent into your super from your much-bigger-than-average taxpayer-paid pay. Isn’t that hypocrisy?

Jon Gaul, Liberal Party Merimbula-Eden branch

Red Shield Appeal

For over 50 years, The Salvation Army and the Australian community have united to bring hope where it’s needed most through the annual Red Shield Appeal.

The Red Shield Appeal is the lifeblood of The Salvation Army. It ensures that we can continue to support the women and children who are fleeing domestic violence, the people trapped in drug and alcohol addiction, the youth who are sleeping on our streets, and so much more. 

So we are calling on community groups, sporting clubs, workplaces, families and individuals to get on board and volunteer for the Red Shield Appeal during the month of May.  And we are asking people across the country to please donate to this year’s appeal. Even just a small contribution can make an immeasurable difference in someone’s life. 

So please, get involved in this year’s Red Shield Appeal by calling 13 SALVOS (13 72 58) or by visiting

Lieut-Colonel Neil Venables, Salvation Army