Bega District Letters to the Editor, May 4

Noise assessment

This amazing community is so strongly against the Frogs Hollow flight school development that they donated many thousands of dollars to pay for an independent professional assessment of the developer’s grossly inadequate noise report.

The community’s report is protected by “commercial in confidence” but the developer is currently making their second attempt to gain access to it though council using the freedom of information act.

If the developer did an adequate and comprehensive noise report in the first instance then why do they want to access the community’s assessment so desperately? Don't bother answering Mr Boyle, we know the answer.

Steve Jackson, Buckajo

Praise for SERH

We read so many negative stories about our local hospital but I have nothing but praise. On March 20 I underwent a total knee replacement at South East Regional Hospital under the care of Dr Rajesh and his team. From my first contact with the hospital, pre-admission, radiology, pathology and admissions, I found the staff to be very caring and supportive.  

March 20 was two days after the disastrous fires in Tathra. My admiration for the staff further increased after finding out the hospital was still on standby and they had been working long hours covering shifts for others who were affected by the fires.  

The nurse who looked after me post-op was not in uniform as she had been away for the weekend, could not get home and didn’t even know if she still had a home to go to.  

At no time did I feel that my care was lacking due to the nurses and other staff’s own personnel worries. Following discharge, I have been attending the Troopers physiotherapy classes in the gym at the hospital. What a wonderful service this is, four afternoons a week, under the guidance, encouragement and supervision of the physiotherapy staff.  

My husband also had a knee replacement seven months ago and he experienced the same level of care. Thank you again to everyone involved.

Davina Hewes, Tura Beach

Spoilt nature coast

What better way to spoil our Unspoilt South Coast than to encourage a festival of hunting with sale of guns and promotion  of animal killing?

The Eurobodalla Shire Council must take blame for this “spoiling” by granting an extended licence to the new chief sponsor, the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, so it may sell guns on Crown land in the heart of our beautiful seaside town Narooma. 

The council’s most recent holiday guide which has previously lauded the benefits of such a festival fails to even mention HuntFest  or to list it with the other June  festivals on its website.  Were some members of council staff so embarrassed by the obvious contradiction that a festival of animal killing makes to our  friendly nature coast image that they decided to ignore or downplay it? 

Of great importance for hunters but alarming for the people  who live here, are the “exciting” announcements  that both firearms and ammunition will be on display and for sale, and that the SSAA mobile air-rifle range will be at this year’s event!

Why does council ignore federal  government and community concerns over gun proliferation by allowing the continuation of  a festival of hunting with sale of guns to blight our safe and friendly reputation?

Susan Cruttenden, Dalmeny

Social interaction

I read, with interest, the advice offered by Dementia Australia, including “enjoy social activity, social interaction with people whose company you enjoy”. 

Our historic Old Bega Hospital, despite destruction of the heritage listed main building by fire in 2004,  does still offer a number of such activities – Bega Spinners and Weavers, Bega Potters, leadlighters, Men’s Shed, Bega beekeepers and a U3A art group. All of these groups meet regularly and members happily teach newcomers all the skills of their trade, as well as providing companionship and all it entails.

But the Trust and Friends of the Old Bega Hospital need your support to lobby for the restoration of the Old Bega Hospital – and then our community will have a community centre with the room to offer many more social and community type activities. Not everyone is into team sports, water activities, bike riding and such things. 

Valerie Little, Tathra

Congratulations to Joe and Gloria Clarke of Bega who celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary on Thursday, May 10.

Congratulations to Joe and Gloria Clarke of Bega who celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary on Thursday, May 10.