FSC Football heats up after close round

An Eden forward looks for a strike on the ball as a Wolumla defender shapes to block the shot during Sunday's 1-0 result to Wolumla.
An Eden forward looks for a strike on the ball as a Wolumla defender shapes to block the shot during Sunday's 1-0 result to Wolumla.

Early omens indicate it could be a very close football season. 

The reserve grade premier Wolumla Tigers were kept to just a 1-0 result against the Eden Killer Whales on Sunday, and even that goal came through a dot-shot opportunity. 

The reigning first grade premiers – the Bega Devils – scored a solid result when they met the Pambula Penguins at George Griffin Oval, carding a 4-0 win on Sunday. 

The defending women’s premiers from Eden were kept to a draw as the Wolumla Tigresses rallied to a 3-3 result at the Eden Soccer Ground. 

In the reserve grade, the Killers were remarkable in defense, particularly as one shot was blocked by keeper Adam Donaldson, with the ball bounding back into play, only to be stopped twice more by flying headers from the Eden backs. 

Adam Griffin featured heavily for the Killer Whales, while Mark Andrews provided his counter in the Wolumla backline staving off several striking opportunities. 

Josh Hammond and Lee Kettle provided impact through the middle for the Tigers, while play fluctuated wildly from end to end with strong attacking and defensive efforts from both clubs on show. 

Play did become heated in the second half, but settled quickly with a frantic pace until the final whistle. 

Wolumla Tigresses captain-coach Kirsty McPaul was extremely happy with her team’s efforts in securing a 3-3 draw against a very skillful Eden team. 

“We were a few players down so I was a bit worried, but it’s a great result to match up with them,” McPaul said. 

She said her team “really stood up and banded together to hold off the strong competition”. 

“The back line were outstanding led by Caitlin Johnson, while goal keeper Judith Orman and Emma Kettle really shone with repeat effort on the ball,” McPaul said. 

“New recruit Tayla Wilson really lifted the team by backing up all over the field and providing great support.”

Meanwhile, the Devils hosted the Pambula Penguins, while some matches also saw the club travelling south to Merimbula. 

The Devils are among many clubs in the Far South Coast competition with good growth in the juniors, but also putting forward two reserve grade outfits this season. 

The Bega Red reserves had a solid 4-2 win over the Pambula Penguins at home on Sunday, however, the Bega Whites didn’t fare quite so well, going down 9-1 against the Merimbula Grasshoppers. 

The association will now break for two weeks due to the school holidays.

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