Bega District Letters to the Editor, April 13

New Australian citizens Chloe Garrs, Shannon Woloshyn, Flordeliza Grealy, Kunya Goddard, Siriwan Namlee and Suzanne Milligan are welcomed by Mayor Kristy McBain.
New Australian citizens Chloe Garrs, Shannon Woloshyn, Flordeliza Grealy, Kunya Goddard, Siriwan Namlee and Suzanne Milligan are welcomed by Mayor Kristy McBain.

Development ire

I can’t believe my eyes when I look out over the lagoon on East St. Council has done a great job cleaning up this area, planting trees and generally making it an environmental asset to the neighbourhood.

Recently trucks have been rolling in, unloading fill and obviously preparing the site for development. No erosion bunting has been put in place and the fill almost encroaches on the natural watercourse that feeds in to the lagoon.

What was council thinking when it approved this development? The blocks of land surely must be in a flood zone and I wonder what the repercussions of that will be?

Jan Robilliard, Bega

Seeing red on green slip

The NSW government 's refund for overcharged green slip charges appears to be nothing more than a public scam.

After first spending an inordinate time registering with Service NSW (not the easiest!), and having then been informed by its website I was likely to receive around $73 and $84 for each of two green slips that was due to me, I tried to claim (which, curiously, can only be done at night!) 

Yes, I would receive refunds – but just $20.14 and $27.45 for each of these vehicles.

I tried to contact Service NSW to ask them to explain the discrepancy.  Sorry, we only take phone calls during the day, and not at night! Sack whoever set up this nonsensical system, I suggest.  And immediately sack the ministers who approved this nonsensical system, I suggest.

If I am due a total of around $157, send it to me and make it easy for me to claim. If I am only due $45.59, then why have you suggested I am owed more?

Any private company or organisation peddling as much false information as has Service NSW would be subject to significant penalties. Service NSW and its minister should be hit with the same penalties.

Peter Lacey, Quaama

Pulling together

We have learned, over 38 years, that Tathra people can pull together when necessary, and now, after reading John and Kerry's thank you letter, realise we must even think the same. But then there is an old saying – “if you live with someone long enough you grow like them”.

The Little family would like to echo all of the Gardiner family's comments. And that includes Tinker our 14 year old foxie. And what is it the youngsters do to get the message out? Something like #ThankyouBega.

(And we have also been telling everybody to stop buying the Telegraph!)

Rob and Val Little, Tathra

Public scandals 

We often hear about drugs being interspersed on our shores and drug houses being raided by the police. The perpetrators are usually locked up without bail before facing the courts and if found guilty spend quite a while behind bars. We are lucky in Australia – instead of serving time some other countries impose the death penalty. 

One of the most talked about topics at the moment is the tampering of a cricket ball. Ball tampering has been going on for years. In this case the players were caught red handed and a penalty imposed.

The latest scandal is about (quote from the Daily Telegraph) “Labor MPs are using a little known allowance for newspaper and magazines to funnel thousands of taxpayer dollars to a union backed think tank run by Bill Shorten’s former adviser”.

Like the unknown drugs finishing up on our streets and the unknown cricket ball tampering, is there any other unknown scandal looming in the Labor Party. It’s a pity Mike Kelly is involved. 

One would think the scandal should be investigated by the police and the necessary action taken. Of course the former will not happen, the five members will simply say they have no knowledge of the affair and just put it down to an administration error. The untouchable element kicks in.

Keith Beresford, Nowra